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          Removal, Transfer, or Disposal of State Owned Property

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          TitleRemoval, Transfer, or Disposal of State Owned Property
          CategoryFinance, Operations and Auxiliary Services

          Transitioned from Business Manual March 16, 2015.


          Department of Materials Management, (252) 328-6434

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          Additional References

          GS 143B-920 Department heads to report possible violations of criminal statutes involving misuse of State property to State Bureau of Investigation

          GS 14-91 Embezzlement of State property by public officers and employees

          1. INTRODUCTION

          Equipment, supplies, textbooks, and all other materials and personal property items purchased through the University (from all funding sources whatsoever) and gifts of personal property items given to the University are state-owned property. Under no circumstances can state-owned property be donated, sold, traded-in, transferred or given to another person, entity, department or unit without appropriate approval of the University Fixed Assets and Surplus Property Departments, in accordance with State Surplus Property Office procedures. A University employee, upon leaving the University, may not take State- or Federally-owned property to a new place of employment without obtaining advance approvals. In accordance to NC General Statutes, personal use of State -owned or leased equipment, supplies, or materials is strictly prohibited either on or off campus.


          In accordance with NC General Statute 114-15.1, any person employed by the State of North Carolina, its agencies or institutions, who receives any information or evidence of arson, damage, theft, embezzlement, or misuse of any state-owned property, buildings or other real property, shall as soon as possible, but no later than three days from receipt of the information or evidence, report such information or evidence to his or her immediate supervisor, who shall in turn report such information or evidence to the head of the respect department, agency, or institution. The head of any department, agency, or institution receiving such information or evidence shall, within a reasonable time but no later than 10 days from receipt thereof, report such information in writing to the Director of State Bureau of Investigation.

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